Fascinating, Reality-bending & Interactive On-stage Entertainment

A stage show with Fred Sharp is jam-packed with effects ranging from crowd-engaging magic to wonders of mentalism and the power of the mind to illusions spectators just cannot see through or figure out.

Members of the audience become more than just seated observers as Fred welcomes them on stage to experience the magic firsthand. The suspense is real, and the surprises keep coming.

His show is not without comedy and good fun, either. This collection of spectacles has a classic ending: an audience member fully levitates as Fred raises his arms in the air! No matter what angle you view this trick from, the secret behind its success remains an elusive and mind-boggling mystery.
The typical show lasts from thirty to forty minutes. Corporate groups are welcome to customize the experience to include their brand, product, and/or services. Add a dash of magic to your presentations!

Get a glimpse into the exciting and delightfully strange and beautiful Sharp experience in the video above:

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