Trade Shows - Welcome to the New World of "Info-tainment"

Trade shows and business exhibitions don’t have to be boring. Fred Sharp takes magic beyond the stage and onto the ground as a respected exhibition and trade show magician.

Fred isn’t coming from nowhere, either—he has a background in business studies as well as a firm grasp of foreign languages including English, French, and German. Highlight features and benefits of products and programs with powerful, attention-grabbing sleight-of-hand magic that quickly draws in a large and now awake and interested crowd.

Candies and free pens don’t bring in traffic to your stand. Magic, on the other hand, gets you and your product attention fast.

Fred doesn’t just woo potential clients with magic, though. He also effectively delivers information about USPs, marketing messages, and products and services in a simultaneously professional and entrancing way. Maximize your impact.

Create something memorable so that those who have witnessed what you have to offer won’t just forget about it in a sea of similar presentations. Gain more qualified leads than ever before and take advantage of competitive trade show marketing, rather than sinking down to the level of booths surrounding yours.

Fred has experience in industries such as finance, insurance, phamaceutical, education, and entertainment.

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